The colors of Popkov (2014)

On a smaller scale than the Polyptich’s installation, the same architecture has been used also for a museum exhibition, “The Colors of Popkov”, held at the beginning of 2014 in the exhibition spaces of Ca’ Foscari in Venice. The installation allows to visually explore a large selection of high-resolution digital reproductions of paintings by Viktor Popkov, subdivided in groups based on the dominant color present in the specific painting. Visitors are presented with a palette of colors, itself extracted by a Popkov’s painting (“My Day”, 1968),  from where they can choose one, obtaining a selection of miniatures of the paintings presenting that dominant. Once a painting has been selected, the corresponding image is projected onto a screen enclosed in a wooden frame simulating an actual canvas (itself part of the “My Day” painting). The selected image can thereafter be explored and manipulated using the described pan/zoom approach.


Additional information

Academic paper – 1

Marcello Carrozzino
Chiara Evangelista
Andrea Baroni
Marina Belli


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