AMICA (2016)

AMICA, funded by TIM Foundation in the framework of the call “Invisible Assets, Places and Mastery of Artisan Tradition”, aims at recovering and preserving an “invisible cultural heritage”.

Craft works evolved through thousands of years; they were always perceived as populations’ pride, cultural symbol and historic heritage, but today are at risk of being lost forever. As a sort of modern-day “David versus Goliath” story, AMICA project has designed a bridge between arts and technology, to preserve and transmit artisanal knowledge, creating a platform for digital tools based on virtual reality technologies.

The system designed in cooperation with Grafica d’Arte 2RC International Center, allows the users through innovative and restorative procedures to combine artisanal craft and the most innovative technology for digitalization, also to hand down to future generations the etching and engraving techniques.

The artisan workshop was therefore meticulously recreated; with the use of innovative immersive visualization tools, you can immerse in a physical and emotional way in the virtual knowledge path designed to live in three-dimensional environment, from different points of view, including “the artisan way”. Students of the master course in techniques and management of artworks printing and publishing “2RCGAMC” in Viareggio, students of the art school “Bianciardi” in Grosseto and students of the art school “Russoli” in Pisa, contributed to the creation and testing of the platform for communication, dissemination, training and teaching. The project, during construction and operational phase, involved about 2,500 people, including 600 students of primary and secondary schools.

Italian National News Rai – TG1 about AMICA

Additional information

Project website

Academic paper – 1

Academic paper – 2

Marcello Carrozzino
Raffaello Brondi
Cristian Lorenzini
Chiara Evangelista
Marta Martino
Emily Manfredi


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